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Taking Care of You and Your Business

What would happen if you became ill and were unable to take care of your business? Take a look at Disability Coverage and Business Expense Coverage. Disability Coverage provides coverage if you are ill or injured off of the job. Business Expense Coverage provides a way to pay for ongoing expenses while you are unable to work.

Employee Benefits

Critical Care Plans- supplement gaps in insurance plans and helps minimize the financial impact of a serious illness.

Dental/ Vision Plans

Group Accident

Group Life

Identity Theft protection

How much life insurance do you need?

There are many life calculators to help your review your needs. The most important part is purchasing a plan that fits your budget.

Our Company at a Glance

  • Life Insurance
  • Individual Health
  • Group Health
  • Disability Income
  • Long Term Care 
  • Dental/Vision Policies
  • Medicare
  • Excess Workers Compensation Coverage

Dovetail services include:


Group Health Insurance

The landscape of group health insurance is changing. There are options to the traditional group health model that may be a perfect fit for your company.

Knowledge Base

Dovetail Consulting

Here at Dovetail Consulting, we are dedicated to you and all your different insurance needs.

Michael Dove, President- has developed and managed of 100 Association Group Rating programs for a large third party administrator in Ohio.

Molly Kane- has a Paralegal certificate, an Associate in Risk Management and 12 years experience in claims management.