Individual Health Insurance

The deadline for purchasing individual health coverage was January 31, 2016. 

The next Open Enrollment time to purchase individual coverage will begin in November 2016. The only way to purchase coverage outside of Open Enrollment is if you have a "Special Election". Contact our office to determine if you have a qualifying election event.​​

On the Marketplace or Private Market plans:

Marketplace plans are in place for you to take advantage of any subsidies you may qualify for. We can help you determineif you qualify for a subsidy.

What to look for in an plan for you and your family:

Provider Network:

Take a look at the provider network for each carrier and plan that you are reviewing. Make sure that your preferred provider and hospital are part of the plan that you choose.
Plan Structure:

Review how the plan is structured. Do you prefer a plan with copays for each office visit and pharmacy cost? You may prefer a high deductible plan which has you pay more of the costs of your care up front.

Disclaimer: all information is correct at the time the post was written. As the laws and regulations may change, contact Dovetail Consulting before making an enrollment selection.

Long Term Care

We all know the expense of having a loved one need on going long term care. There are practical options to traditional long term care coverage which can be costly. Contact us to discuss this plan.

The Importance of Life Insurance

What would happen to your family if something unthinkable would happen to you?

Life Insurance can be affordable and offer the piece of mind to you and your family that your home, childcare or college expenses could still be met. There are many options when it comes to life insurance. Give us a call to see what type of plan can fit your needs and your budget.


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